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Route Review - Koichi Natsukawa’s Another Story 



Above the cut may contain minor spoilers. Major spoilers are below the cut.

  • This route is basically “what would have been,” had everything been done right from the beginning. Had MC and Koichi met under different circumstances, where they could have both been honest with each other and themselves—where they didn’t agree to a marriage they were not prepared for.
  • Amazing characterization and development for both Koichi and MC here. They both get to grow, and we get to see Koichi as a person divorced from the “cheating” element. So we can see more of who he actually is as a person, and what drives him.
  • As usual, I recommend this route to anyone who likes the game. Especially to people who like Koichi, but even to those who don’t. You can skip the cheating element, and you can maybe grasp a thread of understanding as to why he is who he is.

We finally get to see Koichi—who he is as a person, why he has developed the way he has. He’s cold, calculating, and efficient. It provides a sharp contrast to MC, who is warm, caring, and yet unconfident. In fact, it is because they are such diametric opposites that they are drawn together.

This route occurs far before MC and Koichi ever have the opportunity for marriage—where their first encounter is by pure coincidence, and they come to understand each other well before their parents ever try to push them together.

But what it really lets us understand is why—how—MC ever managed to fall in love with him, Koichi is not completely uncaring, and he’s not utterly callous. There’s a lot beneath the surface that struggles to ever come out, and MC is the one who can see past all the superficial. 

Rating: 10/10

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This was a very beautiful review. I didn’t have as much time to think it over, especially since I played his main story and his other stories just this month and wouldn’t have much in my mind to compare his another story to.

I love Another Stories, because they show a different side. A different side of the guy, the MC, and everyone else in the game. Sometimes I wish I can go through life like that: seeing what my other options would affect the rest of my life.

Koichi’s Another Story was like the best scenario for them, without all the heartache the cheating does to everyone. It was like a regular Voltage route: meeting, fall in love, confession, marriage. It was so different for Koichi, yet, it’s suppose to be natural. I’m pretty sure everyone associates Koichi as the cheating guy and In Your Arms Tonight as the game where you get cheated on, and I’m glad this story separates those elements. Though, I felt like I wasn’t even playing In Your Arms Tonight because of that. Haha. It was refreshing, however, and I liked it.

Now I’m just waiting for Koichi’s PoV. I wonder how that will play out?






Koichi’s another story was set in an alternate universe where events happen out of order and the prologue never happened. But the amazing thing is, the MC is fated to encounter these events.

When I was playing it, I was like “Woaaaahhh! This is so weird, but I like it!”

This route of his shouldn’t be called Another Story, it should be called Alternate Universe!

Anyway, I was so excited yesterday to see his story was out, so I spent all evening playing it. I was screaming in my room after the realization, and my dad scolded me. ^_^; Thank you, Voltage, for releasing all these stories so much earlier than advertised!

Koichi's Another Story Review 



Before i start i should warn you that there will be some spoilers in my review so you are warned.

What can i say? I’m so glad i played it! I absolutely loved it! I understand why people where raving about it, it was all i could want. I have to say that i am one of the few that actually likes…


Yeah, I guess the characters are getting really similar, in looks or personality. But the different stories make them unique. Console otome are rarer, huh? They are releasing a Hakuoki one on PS3 soon, though!

@rivigirli kjhasjdasdlkjasd How are you???? I’m fine! I’m working at my new co-op job as a Firmware Developer and looking forward to seeing my long-distance boyfriend this Christmas! Now I don’t need to feel too jealous with all those holiday spinoffs!

I also missed the Halloween event, and even though I knew it was on, I didn’t feel like playing it. -_-

Oh yeah, I forgot, my phone couldn’t play any of the non-Gree Voltage games so that was another reason why I stopped playing otome games. But I got a new phone now and I ALMOST regret getting one because MONIES!

Aw, I’m surprised to see you all welcome me back! :) Thanks. It’s such a warm feeling, to feel welcomed despite all the time that has past.

I hope to chat with you more. I want to know what you guys have been up to!

(Can’t seem to upload a screenshot of all the replies to my last post. Thanks, Tumblr. >_<)

Yeah, I’m back. I’ve been lurking Tumblr for a couple of weeks now to check out multiple fandoms, including Ace Attorney, Rune Factory 4, Voltage inc games, etc. Yeah, I kind of lost interest in otome games for a few months there, and was really into other games (the ones mentioned earlier, Fire Emblem Awakening, the Persona series). I’m the type of person who gets really obsessed with something for some time (at most 4 years) and then totally abandon it. It’s a bad habit of mine. ^_^; Though, I sometimes do go back to it.

Anyway, I’m back playing otome games, but still obsessed with Rune Factory 4 and Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Dual Destines. I missed so much! I was so surprised to see Voltage Inc having sales and all those routes I need to catch up on! And then a whole list of new otome games to try out. Ever since I started playing again, I’ve been purchasing one or two routes a day. It’s fine since I am working at my co-op job that I posted about in the summer, but it’s still a lot of money!

Anyway, I’ll still pop by here now and then, but I’m pretty sure I won’t be active as much. There’s way too many routes to catch up on after all. XD 


Voltage is so funny lol

lol Love Minus is Love Plus (a dating sim for guys)! Oh Voltage.